School Fundraising Ideas

School Fundraising Ideas that puts the “fun” back into school fundraising, with a host of exciting fundraising solutions that you and your school can implement right now! Have fun, meet new people in your community, build awareness, and promote your school… all while raising money at the same time.

Easy School Fundraising Ideas

Organising a school fundraising idea can sometimes seem daunting, however all of our school fundraising ideas are accessible and easy to organise and we know they work as we have helped schools all over the country to raise money. Straightforward and great for school PTA and PTFA fundraising; excellent ideas for all types of schools, nursery, primary, middle and upper schools can all make substantial profits with a simple fundraising idea. All our school fundraising products work and will help you to hit your fundraising objective.

Fundraising Products

  • Fundraising School Calendars

    Fundraising school calendars are colourful, personalised, and perfect for everyone, fundraising school calendars are an ideal way of raising funds for your school! Our school fundraising ideas experts are ready to make your school calendar into the ultimate money making tool, with stunning designs and your own school’s artwork or photographs. Here at School Fundraising Ideas, we give you all the tips and tools
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  • School Car Boot Sale

    School car boot sales have become something of a British Institution, it’s the modern day equivalent of a jumble sale or flea market, people love to sell their goods and buyers love a bargain, if you have a large school playground or maybe a suitable school sports field, you can organise a school car boot sale fundraiser it’s an easy way to boost your
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  • School Fun Run

    School fun runs can be a great way to keep fit; whilst earning the school, money for new sports equipment, books for the library, musical instruments and much, much more! All you need is a school playground, school field maybe your school gym or organise a cross country school sponsored run. By getting everyone involved, (including the staff), you can maximise your profit and increase
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  • School Fundraising Cookbooks

    School fundraising cookbooks will get you cooking and making money for your school at the same time! Our school fundraising cookbooks are the ultimate solution if you need to make some extra dough – excuse the pun! Not only will you be raising funds to buy equipment and supplies for your school, but also you will be educating your pupils and their families about
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  • School Movie Night Fundraiser

    School Movie Night Fundraiser is a Blockbuster of a Fundraising Idea, fantastic fun and enjoyable way to make valuable funds for your school. Organising a school movie night is a great way to get parents and pupils alike, involved. Choosing the correct type of movie to show is critical to the success of your movie evening. Ask around your school; ask for suggestions and
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  • School Halloween Party Fundraising

    Organise a School Halloween Party and raise money for your school at the same time. Arrange a date for your party and sell tickets for your school Halloween party. To make your Halloween Party a roaring success you can come up with some unique and fun ideas, everyone likes to dress up and Halloween offers the opportunity to dress up in spooky, scary costumes.
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  • School Summer Fair

    If you’re reading this it must be that time of year again for a school summer fair. Summer is a great time of year to organize a school fair, unlike a Christmas fair you are not limited to running your school fair inside your school. Take full advantage of the summer weather by organizing your school summer fair outside, turning playgrounds and school playing
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  • School Poetry Books

    Here at School Fundraising Ideas, we are always interested in unique, creative fundraising projects where your school can reap the rewards! What better way to raise funds for your school supplies and equipment than through the sale of an exclusively designed school poetry books? The poems can be created by your school children, teachers, or by parents, either through a competition or via themes
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  • School Bake Sale

    A School Bake Sale can be used by any school as a fundraising activity to raise extra revenue. A Fundraising cake sale is one of the tastiest school fundraising ideas available and easy to organise, ask parents, school governors and teachers all to cook and bring in a large variety of cakes and cookies to be sold at your fundraising event. School Cake Sale
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  • School Car Wash Fundraiser

    School Car wash fundraisers are great way for schools to raise extra funds, you can ask parents and carers to bring their cars into your school and your pupils can wash their cars for a small cost, making money for your school in the process. Car Washes are easy to organise, they can be setup quickly with a limited amount of effort, you couldn’t
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  • School Barbecue Ideas

    The temperature is rising; you are looking for a school fundraiser. You could use the good weather as an opportunity to arrange a school barbecue and make a sizzling profit for your school. School barbecue ideas follow to ensure you achieve maximum profit. Successful School Barbecue Ideas School barbecues are great social gatherings and will bring your school community together, to support your school. Good
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