Safer Internet Day

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The Internet now dominates most of our lives and children need to be made aware of some of the potential dangers that can lurk online. It’s not all bad however there are certain sectors of the web that can pose … Continued

National Storytelling Week

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Celebrate the joy of reading by organising special literacy events during National Storytelling Week. It is important to encourage reading especially in young children, as reading plays an important part of any child’s development. Reading takes children into the wonderful … Continued

Fair Trade Fundraisers

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What is a fair trade fundraiser? Fair Trade products can be sold making a profit for your organisation. You will be raising money with the knowledge that the goods you are selling have been purchased at a price where the … Continued

Sponsored Silence

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Society moves at a fast pace these days, wouldn’t it be great to share some quiet time and raise money at the same time? Well you can by organising a challenging school sponsored silence. To choose a suitable date for … Continued

School Barbecue Ideas

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The temperature is rising; you are looking for a school fundraiser. You could use the good weather as an opportunity to arrange a school barbecue and make a sizzling profit for your school. School barbecue ideas follow to ensure you achieve … Continued

School Summer Fair

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If you’re reading this it must be that time of year again for a school summer fair. Summer is a great time of year to organize a School Summer fair, unlike a Christmas fair you are not limited to running … Continued

School Fun Run

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School fun runs can be a great way to keep fit; whilst earning the school, money for new sports equipment, books for the library, musical instruments and much, much more! All you need is a school playground, school field maybe … Continued