Christmas Fundraising Ideas for Schools

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Christmas Fundraising Ideas Schools

Christmas is a fun time of year, schools should make the most of the Christmas festive spirit and organise some festive fundraising. It’s traditionally the time of year for giving so use this to your advantage to raise extra funds for your school. Organise some fun festive events and raise money for your school or a good cause. There are a variety of events that you can organise, we have listed some great Christmas Fundraising Ideas Schools below.

Carol Service

Christmas is all about family and giving to others, bring your community together by organising a fantastic Christmas Carol Service. You can either hold your Carol service in your school or maybe your local church. Involve the whole school, if your school has a school orchestra then arrange for them to play the music for your concert. Sell tickets to parents and carers and all come together and have a great event singing festive Christmas carols. Promote your Christmas Carol service with Christmas Carol Service posters and leaflets. Ask your local paper to run an article about your fundraising carol service. You can use the event to raise money for your school or a charity that your school is supporting.

At your carol service, you could organise stalls selling cakes and maybe organise a raffle. Organising a Christmas Carol service allows parents, people from the community and school children to get involved and to help raise money for a great cause.

Woolly Hat Fundraising

You could organise a Christmas Fundraising Ideas Schools woolly hat day for your school, you could ask your pupils to wear a woolly hat for the day for a small charge. The money raised could go towards your school funds or local charity.

Woolly Jumper Fundraising

A variation on the woolly hat fundraising is to organise a woolly jumper fundraising day, pupils can pay to wear a festive woolly jumper. They could either look to buying a festive woolly jumper or they could make their own by decorating a plain woolly jumper with colourful Christmas Tinsel and Christmas baubles. They could even attach battery-powered festive fairy lights to their jumper. You could look to award a small prize to the funniest or most outrageous woolly jumper on the day.

Christmas Nativity School Play

Celebrate Christmas by organising a Christmas Nativity Play, raise money by selling parents and carers tickets. Pupils will enjoy participating in your school nativity play. The whole school can get involved in the production, making the scenery and props and help with the creation of the costumes for the shepherds, kings and angels.

Christmas Disco

Organise a Christmas disco dance party and raise money, sell tickets for your fundraising event. Organise a DJ for your disco, ask amongst your school PTA members and amongst parents of children who attend your school to see if anyone is able to be DJ for your school Christmas Disco.

Christmas Cookbook

Another great Christmas fundraising idea that your school can organise is a Cookbook. Ask pupils and parents to supply festive recipes like mince pies. You can then compile them into a cookbook and sell to parents.