Fair Trade Fundraisers

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fair trade fundraisers

What is a fair trade fundraiser? Fair Trade products can be sold making a profit for your organisation. You will be raising money with the knowledge that the goods you are selling have been purchased at a price where the people and farmers who produce the product are able to cover their basic living costs have decent working conditions and you will be contributing towards the housing, health and education needs of the local communities in countries where your product is produced such as India and Brazil. Organise your fundraising event to coincide with a fairtrade fortnight to build awareness of fair trade products.

Coffee Fair Trade Fundraisers

There are many products that you can source. One easy fair trade fundraising idea is to organise a fair trade coffee fundraiser. Everyone loves drinking coffee, most people drink coffee on a regular basis so it will be easy to organise a fair trade coffee morning. You can offer cups of fair trade coffee to be purchased; you can also arrange to have a selection of fair trade coffee that can be purchased at your event. It’s a great way to introduce people to fair trade products and a great way to educate people to the benefits of using fair trade products. In schools, it is a great way to educate pupils about the benefits of fair trade and how important it is to address issues regarding the environmental impact of certain farming practices, as well as local economic sustainability.

You could look to collaborate with a local small business that stocks and sells fair-trade coffee. Look around and see if there is a business local to your area that you can approach and explain what you are planning. Do you have parents of pupils who own a fair trade business? Work together and organise a fair trade fundraisers event. It’s a great way for businesses to promote their products and they will be helping to raise funds for your good cause.

Fair Trade School Tuck Shop

Another great way to introduce the concept of fair trade fundraisers is to introduce a fair trade school tuck shop. Educate pupils about fair trade by selling fair trade products to pupils. Traidcraft supplies a full range of fair trade and ethically produced products that you can sell. It’s a fantastic opportunity to educate the next generation about the benefits of paying a fair price for goods that are helping those communities around the world that are producing the goods that we are consuming.

Fair Trade Recipes

You can raise further funds by combining your fundraising activities, you could organise a school bake sale where all the cakes have been produced using ingredients sourced from ethical and fair trade suppliers. You could even create a fundraising cookbook full of recipes, again the recipes would be from ingredients sourced from fair trade suppliers.