school fundraising calendars

Fundraising school calendars are colourful, personalised, and perfect for everyone, fundraising school calendars are an ideal way of raising funds for your school! Our school fundraising ideas experts are ready to make your school calendar into the ultimate money making tool, with stunning designs and your own school’s artwork or photographs. Here at School Fundraising Ideas, we give you all the tips and tools you need to create the best, most interesting types of fundraising projects for your school or community.

Creating your Fundraising School Calendar

To create your calendar you should first decide what the look of your calendar should be. You could get each class to pose for a fun photo in dress up costumes, you could get the class to draw self portraits which can then be formulated into a collage, or you can get students to create artwork. These will then be scanned and reproduced by us, to create your unique calendar. You can also choose from multiple designs for the layout of the months, as well as the cover.

Aside from this, your calendar can also provide a secondary source of promotion and potential fundraising for your school, as you are able to personalise it with the dates of your school fetes, sports days, concerts, and various other events that your school is hosting.

All in all, you can’t go wrong with this excellent fundraising product!

The Features

Thanks to our professional, high quality calendars, you will get the chance to raise money for your school to purchase equipment, supplies, pay for computers and much more. Whatever you need the money for; this awesome fundraising product will be sure-fire hit! Aside from the fact that they are all custom-made and personalised according to your specific school, they are also made on recycled paper, ensuring that you are also doing your bit for the environment.

You might wonder as to the profitability of a high end product like this, however, our experience ensures that we can offer these calendars at very low prices so that you can make the most out of your calendar sales.

Another top feature about using our fundraising service is that you can order a low minimum of just 50 units. This means that you don’t have to worry about having tons of calendars left over, and you can still benefit from a low price.

Benefits of Fundraising School Calendars

Fundraising with school calendars gives you an excellent opportunity to preserve the school year, create a yearly keepsake that people will soon be flocking to purchase each year, and of course, raising the very necessary funds for your school.

The calendars provide the perfect opportunity to raise funds whilst also creating a long lasting impression on the community. You school could become famous for its annual calendars, thus securing extra funds for the foreseeable future.

To take advantage of this brilliant fundraising idea or one of our other school fundraising ideas, just give us a call on 01284 767575.