School Calendar Design G

Our school fundraising calendar design G-A3 is a great school fundraising calendar design with rows for the day’s of the month, please note this calendar is only available as A3 size.This calendar is printed on a heavier stock paper 200gsm, wirebound in the middle and for hanging your calendar up there will be a hole drilled.

When flat and closed this calendar will be A4 in size, however once open and hanging on wall it will be A3 size (297x420mm)

This school calendar comes with bank holidays marked on school calendar and important dates like Mothering Sunday, Easter and Father’s Day.

Can I personalise the dates on this school fundraising calendar? Yes you can personalise the dates on this school fundraising calendar design, you can add school fetes and school holidays/halfterm.

School Fundraising Calendar Sizes Available – Only available as A3 (297x420mm)

Images Required for School Fundraising Calendar – Twelve, one for each month, your school logo can be included on the front cover of calendar.

Image Area available for Images on School Fundraising Calendar – The area for your image is 184 x 270mm

Details that appear on the front of your School Fundraising Calendar – You can have your School Address and useful parent/carer information on the front cover like telephone, fax and email details.

Advertising space on school fundraising calendar – This calendar design can be changed to accomodate advertising space along the bottom of your school calendar. The space for adverts on your school calendar is 20mm x 287mm.

School Calendar Delivery – We can normally turn our school fundraising calendar around in 10 -14 days.

You can download a sample of this fundraising calendar by clicking on the link below.

Download Sample of School Fundraising Calendar Design G-A3

How much will our school fundraising calendar cost? – view our calendar prices here