Our school calendars can be personalised with your own school details and school dates. Your school address will be printed on the front cover of your school calendar. Your school telephone numbers, fax number and website address can also be added to your school calendar cover. Adding your school information to the front of your school calendar will make it easy for parents to contact your school. They won’t need to rummage through phone books to find the number to contact your school.

Personal School Dates

Adding your custom school dates to your school calendar really does add value to your calendars. Parents and Carers alike will snap up your school calendar to keep informed about school events. Personalise your school calendar with your important school dates throughout the year like school fete, school concerts, school holidays, school half-term, school photograph day etc. Personalising your school calendar will make it a sure-fire school fundraiser.

How do we send the dates for our personalised school calendar?

Adding your school dates to your calendar is easy, you can email your dates when you email your calendar images. If you prefer you can put your personalised school dates into a microsoft word or microsoft excel file, you can email your word or excel file to us or you can put your file onto a memory stick or dvd and post it to us. We will send back your disk with your personalised school calendar.