School Barbecue Ideas

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School Barbecue Ideas

The temperature is rising; you are looking for a school fundraiser. You could use the good weather as an opportunity to arrange a school barbecue and make a sizzling profit for your school. School barbecue ideas follow to ensure you achieve maximum profit.

Successful School Barbecue Ideas

School barbecues are great social gatherings and will bring your school community together, to support your school. Good planning will ensure that your barbecue is a success and memorable. British weather can be unpredictable to say the least; you will need to plan for the possibility of rain. You could look into investing or hiring a gazebo to ensure that your barbecue and food are kept dry.

You will need a barbecue, ask members of your school PTA to see if anyone can supply a gas grill or charcoal barbecue that can be used on the day.

School Barbecue Food

Plan your school barbecue ideas menu; you’re menu could contain all the old favourites like: sausages, burgers and chicken. Prepare: suitable vegetarian alternatives, salads and beverages. Non-alcoholic drinks for the youngsters and maybe a range of alcoholic beverages for adults. You¬†will need supplies for your school barbecue; you could split up your school fundraising committee and each section to provide certain food and beverages on the day of your school barbecue. You could look to your local community for supplies, ask a local: butcher, grocer, baker or farmer to see if they would be prepared to supply food for your barbecue in exchange for their advertising literature being handed out at your event. You could also include your sponsor’s logo and details on any school barbecue posters you have printed to promote your fundraiser.

The food is all planned; you will need to ensure you have enough: paper plates, napkins, plastic knives, forks and you will need some suitable seating; you could ask people who are attending your barbecue to bring their own picnic blankets.

School Barbecue Games

You might want to organise some simple games to play at your barbecue. You could promote physical fitness and arrange a game of rounders or even a tug-of-war. Combine your barbecue with other fundraising ideas like a barbecue raffle with prizes donated by parents and local businesses.

How to Promote School Barbecue

The school barbecue is all planned, you just need to promote your event and sell tickets.
You can use school barbecue poster designs to create a great looking poster that will promote your event to the max. Combined with a school barbecue leaflet; you can send pupils home with a leaflet to increase interest in your school barbecue ideas.