School Dance a Thon

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Most schools, school groups and school PTA’s at one time or another search for school fundraising ideas, which can be used to raise extra revenue. All of our ideas are effective and can produce a healthy return on time invested. A school Dance a Thon is a great idea, as children love to dance. A school Dance a Thon can be used by many schools, middle schools and upper schools are probably the best age groups to participate in a dancing fundraiser.

You can organise a school dance fundraiser at anytime of the year. How do you raise money with a school dance? You can charge a small fee for entrance to your fundraising event, you can also organise a stall selling drinks and snacks, volunteers or maybe members of your school PTA or school friends could man this.

Alongside the snack stall you could organise a raffle to coincide with your event, ask local businesses to supply prizes for your Dance-a-Thon event. Sell raffle tickets and have the draw on the date of your school fundraising event.

To ensure your event is a success, advertise your event with posters and leaflets, sell tickets, in your school newsletter add an advert promoting your school dance. You can hold your dance in your school hall, there is a cost involved in holding a school Dance-a-Thon, You need to arrange a DJ for your event, maybe a parent at your school is a DJ and can provide the music for your dance, saving you money

We have been in the business of helping schools to raise money for many years and we have helped hundreds of schools to raise money. The most successful fundraising ideas are those where everyone gets involved in the promotion of your fundraising product.