School Fun Run

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School fun runs can be a great way to keep fit; whilst earning the school, money for new sports equipment, books for the library, musical instruments and much, much more! All you need is a school playground, school field maybe your school gym or organise a cross country school sponsored run.

By getting everyone involved, (including the staff), you can maximise your profit and increase the general fitness of your school.

Theme Your School Fun Run

To put the ‘fun’, back into fun run, you can theme your event; by asking everyone to dress up as his or her favourite book character, super hero, animal or perhaps see who can create and run in the wackiest outfit possible. Also, to encourage pupils to do this; you can organise a competition for the best costume and even offer a small prize as an incentive, the prize doesn’t have to be huge it just needs to be something that catches the imagination and encourages everyone to take part.

Organising Your Fun Run

You will need to send letters home to inform the parents and pupils of the upcoming event. Start to think about how to promote your fundraiser you can organise the printing of fun run posters, place your posters in your local shop windows, libraries around your school, ask to display your posters in your local supermarket. Combine your posters with the printing of fun run leaflets you can then distribute them throughout your community to get your local community behind your fundraising runners. You will want to display banners around your school and in prominent positions around your school.

What about those all needed sponsors?

You will need to give every pupil a sponsor form; so friends and familie
s of the pupils can give all they can for your school. To encourage more pupils to get involved, you could hold a competition for the best costume or most amount of la
ps. This will help, get your pupils into the fun run spirit.