School Fundraising Cookbook

School fundraising cookbooks will combine cooking with making money for your school at the same time! Our school fundraising cookbooks are the ultimate solution if you need to make some extra dough – excuse the pun! Not only will you be raising funds to buy equipment and supplies for your school, but also you will be educating your pupils and their families about healthy eating in the process.

Concocting a Creative Cookbook

Getting the kids together to create your personalised school fundraising cookbook will be a fun project, as each class can come up with their own healthy, delicious recipes, which they can also enjoy making in class. Another option is for each child to bring in their favourite healthy recipe, as well as their favourite sweet treat, which will all be included in the cookbook.

Depending on your preference, the cookbook could be separated into savoury meals and desserts, or you could choose to arrange the book by meal type. In addition to the recipes, you can even include some educational information about healthy food options, vitamins and minerals, as well as pictures if you want to include some fun photos of the students making the recipes in the cookbook!

Making the cookbook fun and interesting will make people want to buy it, helping you raise more money in the end, so be creative and think of additional items you can include such as conversion tables, and maybe a drinks section. Why not even get your Principal to submit his or her best recipe?

With this excellent idea, education meets fundraising in the most perfect possible way!

Who Will Buy These School Fundraising Cookbooks?

Anyone who enjoys food, and who wants to support their local school will be sure to buy one of these school fundraising cookbooks. This means that you have a huge market to promote your school fundraising ideas product to, including friends and family members of students at school, local businesses, young and old, men and women.

All those who contribute towards the creation of the cookbook will also be sure to get their copy to see their name in print. The more people who contribute and are dedicated to the project, the more money you will make for your school.

The Benefits and Features of a Fundraising Cookbook

Cookbooks containing recipes from all the students at your school as well as the faculty members, will provide you with a comprehensive collection of healthy and delicious options. This is an excellent way to promote proper eating at your school and amongst your students, as well as teach your students how to correctly formulate a recipe, and start making great food.

These cookbooks also make perfect gifts, and because they can be used again and again, so you can be sure to make even more money by selling extra copies.

Let our expertise and experience guide you towards developing and publishing high quality fundraising cookbook that everyone will love!