Easy School Fundraising Ideas

All schools need extra money for various reasons. All of our school fundraising products are tried and tested, durable fundraising products. Our fundraising products all offer excellent value for money, our prices mean that you will walk away with a nice profit for your school.

School fundraising products that are so unique that people are instantly drawn to your products and once they hear it is a school fundraising project to purchase much needed school supplies and equipment, they are hooked! Being personalised all of our products can be purchased by parents for keepsakes and they can be bought as an excellent unique gift for grandparents, friends and relatives. Plus, everyone can get involved, from the children at school, to the parents, and even the teachers. This makes the school fundraising products customised and personal, and therefore even more special. All of our projects are straightforward to organise.

Here are just some of the amazing school fundraising products we offer:

School Calendar Fundraising

Simple Ideas are sometimes the best and a yearlong memory of your school fundraising calendar makes an excellent fundraising project! Each class can participate in the calendar with professional photographs taken that will be used for each month of the year. Aside from school photographs that every parent would love to have, children’s artwork can also be used, making this ideal for sale to every member of the community. We also provide a plethora of wonderful designs that you can choose from.

 A great yearly keepsake, and fundraising idea in one!

School Cookbook Fundraising

Get cooking with amazing recipes presented by none other than your school kids! Everyone loves to cook, bake, make fine cuisine, and be the master chef! So, why not combine this passion into a brilliant fundraising cookbooks opportunity? Get your students to compile their favourite recipes that they have made during school or at home, which will be professionally published with high quality printing. You can then sell these to family and friends as well as your local community. Everyone loves a good school fundraising cookbook, and you can even provide bulk copies for your local supermarket.

 Get creative, get cooking, and get funds!

School Poetry Book

From Shakespeare to Roald Dahl, poetry has stood the test of time, as the beautiful and effective way to communicate. It forms the basis of songs, and is frequently used as a highly effective teaching tool, to encourage children to retain information. So, what better way to raise funds for your school, than to create your own, one-of-a-kind school poetry book? These will be printed for every child to sell at a profit to parents and other family members or friends, as well as in your local community. The book are compiled by your school, and you can encourage the children to create their own poems based on a theme, for instance, Summer, Animals, Places of the World, or anything you like.

An exciting school fundraising project, plus a great easy school fundraising idea!

With the high quality products listed above, professionally designed and printed on environmentally friendly paper, you can really enjoy raising funds to purchase equipment, supplies, computers, and a variety of other much needed school items. Plus, you only need to order a minimum of 50 units, so no items go to waste.

We have a team of fundraising experts who work with PTA’s and PFTA’s as well as teachers across the country, in order to harness the power of fundraising in the most unique, effective, and outstanding way!

We are ready to help you and your school with renowned school fundraising products, so call us on 01284 767575 to get started!