Here at School Fundraising Ideas, we are always interested in unique, creative fundraising projects where your school can reap the rewards! What better way to raise funds for your school supplies and equipment than through the sale of an exclusively designed school poetry books? The poems can be created by your school children, teachers, or by parents, either through a competition or via themes given to different age groups. The compilation of poems is completely up to you. All we do is package it perfectly for you to make it appealing and easy to sell!

Compiling your School Poetry Books

The collection of poems that you choose to include in the book is entirely up to you. It can be a unique poetry collection, where each student becomes an author and creates their own literary work of art you can include poems by teachers and parents.

The poetry book can come together thematically, meaning that you can choose a general theme for your school to write about, or you can allocate different themes to different classes. Additionally, you can get students to submit artwork along with each poem, so that the book is visually appealing and a great testament to your school.

Who wouldn’t want this outstanding, one-of-a-kind poetry book?

The Features

Aside from the fact that these poetry books are completely unique and designed exclusively by your school for your school and local community, there are various other features that make this a viable fundraising tool.

Looking at the cost, we understand the intricacies of what you need in order to raise money, and as such, have made the poetry book printing as affordable as possible, giving you the opportunity to mark up the price as you see fit.

Although the poems and artwork are submitted by your school, we take over when it comes to the publication of the books. Our specialists ensure that the poems are laid out in the best possible way, designed beautifully and printed on high quality environmentally friendly paper, providing you with an excellent finished product.

Not only this, but we allow for smaller groups and offer a low minimum order amount so that you can be sure to sell your entire stock of poetry books, and make as much money as you can.

Where to Fundraise?

The great thing about school fundraising poetry books is that you can sell them to anyone. Poems are beloved by young and old, men and women alike, and the longevity of this product as a coffee table book or keepsake, means that they are more attractive to buyers.

Fundraising can take place at the school to families and friends through a take home order form. The next level can take place via a tabletop sale at your school. Another idea is to form a partnership with a local bookshop, where you could display the poetry books for sale.

There are many other ways to promote the fundraising school poetry books, but with such a brilliant product, raising money for such a worthwhile cause, they are guaranteed to sell like hotcakes!

Let our team of fundraising experts advise you in your poetry book fundraising efforts, and help boost your school budget!