Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas

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Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas

Valentines day is all about love So celebrate by spreading love and raise money for your good cause with a Valentines Day Fundraiser. There are numerous ways in which to fundraise using Valentines Day as the theme. This tremendously popular day with its hearts, sweets, flowers and jewellery offers many opportunities to raise funds for your particular cause. Valentines Day is great for an assortment of fundraising activities. Valentines Day fundraising events range widely from parties and local fayres to sponsored theme events, challenge events, entertainments and even fashion shows. The possibilities for fundraising events are endless, and creative people are constantly devising new ideas. Some of the popular fundraising events are listed below:

Valentines Day Themed Cake Sale

This is just a great way to raise money. Ask your members to make cakes, cookies and biscuits for reselling for a profit. Look to sell heart shaped cookies and biscuits and cupcakes decorated with hearts.

Pink Sweater Day

You could hold a Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas non-uniform day at your school and ask your pupils to wear something pink to school on Valentines day, you could ask them for a small donation to participate.

Valentines Day Themed Raffle

Hold a raffle again using Valentines as the theme, you just need to come up with some great prizes to entice people to purchase your raffle tickets. Just mentioning the date February 14th stirs feelings of romance so why don’t you approach a local hotel and see if they would be prepared to donate a romantic weekend as a prize. Maybe ask a local restaurant to see if they would supply a meal for two as a prize.

Valentines Day Fairtrade Chocolate

Look to use Fair Trade Chocolate in your Valentines Day Fundraising Ideas products, you get to taste and create great products and also support emerging manufacturers on the ground.