Fundraising Calendar AdvertsSchool Calendar Adverts can really give your calendars real punch when it comes to making bigger profits. We realised that schools can make money with a fundraising calendar, however you can increase your profit further by selling advertising space on your calendar.

Free School Calendar Adverts

Our school calendars offer exceptional value for money at a price that enables you to make substantial profits for your school. When we design our calendars we always allow space for advertising to allow maximum profit from this great fundraising product. School calendars are truly versatile and a wonderful way for you to raise cash for schools. There is no charge for having adverts placed, the adverts are all added FREE of charge.

Not all schools have adverts on their calendars, however if you are able to sell the space on your calendar your profits will grow.

Not sure where to start with your adverts? Not to worry we have compiled a guide below to ensure that you can use them for your school calendar if required.

Selling School Calendar Adverts

How you go about selling your adverts is entirely up to you, we would suggest that you start by looking at your school parents of pupils who attend your school. Maybe on your school PTA or school PTFA there are members who run businesses and would be willing to pay to advertise their business on your school calendar. If you find you don’t have enough calendar advertisers within your school community, you can then look further afield. Look around your local community, is there a local shop that is close to your school that receives trade from school members, maybe a local bed and breakfast business.

School Calendar Advert Ideas

Another great idea for advertising on your calendar is to look at asking a photographer to come to your school to take some great looking professional photographs. You could say to the photographer that in exchange for photographs you would include an advert in your school calendar. Calendars are a remarkable marketing tool that is used on a daily basis and for the entire year. There is no other marketing medium that offers that sort of potential. The photographer would get a full twelve months marketing to your school members and if they are a local photographer they will pick up work like weddings and family portraits.

Benefits Calendar Adverts

School calendar adverts help to promote your local businesses and make bigger calendar profits for your school. What you charge businesses to advertise is up to you, it will depend on your location in the country and what you think is a suitable charge. You can charge £25.00 per advert, sell twelve adverts one for each month and you can see how the profit starts to grow. On our A4 portrait school calendars, the space for an advert is approximately 20mm x 190mm. However the size might vary slightly on some designs. Schools have split this space into two, creating space for twenty four adverts per calendar.

Don’t worry if you can’t sell twelve adverts to fill your calendar you can repeat adverts so for example you sell six adverts, you can display each advert twice in your calendar. Or you can alternate the months for example; January you have advert, February no Advert, March has an advert and so on.

Big Calendar Adverts

To make a really BIG impact on your calendars you can use one of our A4 landscape calendars and you can give businesses maximum exposure with a large advert. Our A4 landscape calendar design LB is an extremely versatile calendar design. It allows for a whopper of an advert underneath the image area, or you can split area into creating two large adverts. The space can also be split for one large advert and an area for notes.

School Calendar Advert Artwork

Your probably at the stage now of wondering about how to supply the adverts for your calendar, well we have made that easy as well. You can of course supply your own artwork, you will find some businesses will prefer to supply their own artwork for adverts. some businesses have a set brand so their advert has to be consistent with other advertising they are doing or they might have an unusual font. Its absolutely fine if you want to supply your adverts, they are best supplied as pdf files or jpegs/tiff files. Just remember the resolution for best results for your adverts is 300dpi.

Not to despair if you can’t supply adverts. Just send us the information for you adverts. You can email the information to us or you can put the information in a word file. Include the month that you wish the advert to appear in (some businesses might prefer a particular month) with the business name and telephone and web address for the business. We will take the information and make up a small advert. All calendar adverts are free of charge.

If you have any questions about school calendar adverts, just give us a call on 01284 767575 we have years of experience and will help you out.